‘My cup of tea’ performance

Location: Amsterdams Centrum voor Fotografie. Bethanienstraat 39, 1012 BZ Amsterdam

Part of the exhibition ‘Rephrasing memory’. This exhibition showed constructions related to personal memories with perspective of different geographical locations. Together they refer to a psychological state of mind. Most of the work is connected to memories of family and migration. Some works have a personal vision of a collective memory of memory mixed with surrealism. 30 Artists based in Argentina, Colombia and the Netherlands show their work in this exhibition.

The performance ‘My cup of tea’ is a continuation of the project by the same name, that Gabrielle collaborated on with Sarojini Lewis. Presented as a surreal tea party to which the public is invited, it is an exploration of interaction, shared memories and connection.

Did you miss this performance? Don’t worry, a¬†short film of the performance is in the making!

‘My cup of tea’

Open to the public on saturday 11 and sunday 12 february 2 pm – 7 pm

Location:Het Wilde Weten, Robert Fruinstraat 35, 3021 XB Rotterdam